About us


We are three fiddlers from three very different backgrounds – Danish, American, and Native American – who love to play together. Though our band features only one instrument, our show is truly diverse!  Every culture brings its own voice to the fiddle – in the Métis style you’ll hear the a hint of Native American drumming, in the Danish, a happy polka party, and in the old-time American, a bit of blues and syncopated rhythms.  You’ll hear the fiddle in its purest form, unaccompanied, as we each do a short solo set and talk about the music.  Together, we play in duets and trios, using only fiddles for accompaniment.    We also feature a few tunes on the 5-string medieval fiddle (“vielle”). Most of our music is traditional, but we have a few distinctive originals as well.



kbugge2KRISTIAN BUGGE is a master Danish fiddler with a powerful and soulful style. He has worked with and collected music from many of Denmark’s finest traditional musicians, and has received numerous awards from Danish Radio and from Danish Folk Music Awards.  Kristian is an extremely active performer, working with six bands, so he’s on the road most of the time!






jamie1JAMIE FOX plays with graceful style in the Métis tradition, which comes from a blend of French Canadian, Irish, and Native American cultures.  Jamie grew up on the Fort Belknap Reservation in northern Montana and learned from older Métis players just in time, for the tradition was about to die out. She also learned to stepdance, and can clog while fiddling to provide her own percussion.





ruthie2RUTHIE DORNFELD is an eclectic American fiddler who has collected tunes from all over the USA.  Her clear, “in the groove” playing has been enjoyed by dancers – contra and square, English, tango and waltz – from coast to coast, for some 40 years.  She also composes the new tunes featured in the band’s repertoire.